LifeProof iPhone Case Belt Clip Instructions

LifeProof iPhone Case Belt Clip Instructions

The LifeProof Belt Clip is the perfect complement to your LifeProof iPhone case. Check out to find your Lif…



Chris Browning says:

Purchased a Life proof case & holder to replace my Otter box. I like the life proof case a little better, but went back to the otter box holder.

here is the link to it in case anyone is interested:amzn.to13s2Y0h

Chris Miller says:

Would it work securely on a roller coaster if I was not using a belt just the belt clips

LifeProofCases says:

With our belt clip, you can face the phone inward or outward. As for the ability to swap out the clip sizes, thanks for your suggestion we will pass that on to our design team.

chushinryoku says:

As someone who works in security having the ability to swap out the clips and face the phone inward to protect the screen (whereas the screen gets scratched if you do that right now) would be amazingly helpful. I had to buy a non-lifeproof case because of these missing features.


I like the features.

john Scan says:

Not being able to change the belt clip is a real pain for the cost of the device they should be interchangeable.

LifeProofCases says:

We’re considering a case for both devices.

Nick Stone says:


Nick Stone says:

Lifeproof are you making a iPad mini or 5th gen iPod touch

Rajanoire says:

iPhone 5…….

LifeProofCases says:

We do have a 4th Gen iPod Touch case:)

IUseThisApp says:

Lifeproof is amazing. High quality, good looks and maximum protection.

tony amezquita says:

i want the one for the ipod

sct1968 says:

It is meant to be a permanet clip but i did break the first one today and i was able to break off that clip and attach the other clip it came with. glad i did not through out the clip i did’t install in the first place.

ThePrincess1179 says:

I just bought my lifeproof case in pink for my iPhone 4s, a white white for my cousin and I’m on my way to Best Buy for another white one for my husband’s 4s. I loooooove this case so much. I also bought the belt clip and I absolutely love it too. The locking mechanism is great and I’ve noticed nobody ever mentions the camera cut out in the clip so you don’t actually have to remove your phone from the clip to take pictures. Thank you Lifeproof for making an amazing product.

RevealedRevelations says:

It does, mines scratched badly from the plastic lock and there are other reviews on Amazon with the same issues; along with the pin coming out of the belt clip.

RevealedRevelations says:

Two problems with the case, in real world test.

I’ve owned my lifeproof case for about four months now. Shortly after buying the case I bought the belt clip.

The locking button is priceless
Its much tougher than the otter box case

The pin to which the clip pivots and spring is held has worked out three times in three months
The center piece that holds the clip on refuses to recess far enough into the clip thus scratching the screen of the phone case.

TheCensoredVoice says:

Thank God a Company with the old vision otter box had ! (not these crap new iPhone cases they have now Otterbox that is) I love this case my phone picks up great no signal issues or anything ! You guys rock ! You make the best case I have ever found! Please start making them for Android phones as well !

Lorraine James says:

Oh, okay.

LifeProofCases says:

The belt clip is not meant to be able to switch. Once you choose the clip it’s permanent.

Lorraine James says:

How do I trade off on clips? If I want to go from one to the other, it’s hard to take off.

LifeProofCases says:

Check out M&M Distribution!

LifeProofCases says:

If you turn your belt clip horizontally it can be used as a stand!

LifeProofCases says:

There is another video in our instructions that contains that.

LifeProofCases says:

lol you should do that!

LifeProofCases says:

No way thanks for the testimony!

chops066 says:

life proof products are awesome, two weeks ago my girlfriend`s iPhone fell in to the toilet, we almost had a hearth attack, but it was just fine, i ordered mine with the bell clip, i think it`s a great investment for an iPhone owner

RSH21 says:

Just bought 20 mins ago. I chose the 1.5 inch clip. I love this case and belt clip. Way better than my old otterbox defender.

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